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Friday, December 14th, 2018

Global Asset Management System Indispensable for Large Exhibit Organizations

If you are an event management organization or a large company that holds frequent events, investing in a good asset management system could result in significant time, cost and energy savings. A premium quality asset management software greatly simplifies your event management duties and responsibilities by providing comprehensive automated solutions. This feature of an asset management system makes it an indispensable part of any organization or event management company that hosts multiple events, trade shows or conferences every year. If you are an event management firm or a large organization that needs to store, manage, ship, or restore multiple assets at various times of the year, an asset management software is the ideal tool to make your event or exhibition a roaring success.

How a good asset management software can help

Large organizations and event management companies store and manage an extensive array of assets and equipment. With so many assets, equipment and objects under their charge, it is of utmost importance to keep track of them to avoid superfluous spending and costly maintenance. The use of a large number of paper forms and folders to store the massive amounts of data that these assets generate is out of the question since there are high chances of human errors creeping in. In such circumstances, a top-of-the-line asset management system can be of tremendous help to large organizations and exhibit companies as they streamline the entire process of accessing, altering, and scheduling the use of your company’s assets.

Some of the primary benefits offered by a premium quality asset management system are as follows:

  • Improve and increase asset life
  • Keep a close tab on maintenance costs associated with your asset
  • Prevent considerable losses by accurately predicting the probability of asset failure
  • Enhance productivity of your assets
  • Significantly reduce costly downtime
  • Ensure you keep up with all regulatory guidelines
  • Bring down the total cost of maintenance to a considerable extent  

Let us now evaluate the features and primary benefits of a quality asset management software for modern organizations and event management companies that regularly hold large-scale events:

  1. Coherent document tracking

With each asset entered into the system, associated documents such as warranties, receipts, manuals, etc. can also be uploaded. With all important documents organized in a cogent and coherent manner, you can easily access them whenever you need to with few simple clicks of your mouse button.

  • Ease of maintenance

A top-of-the-line asset management software can help you save on time and resources by eliminating the need for manual reporting. Since you have all the equipment maintenance records and requirements at your fingertips, you can quickly access them as and when the need arises. By performing inspections on a mobile device and transmitting the data back to your office, you have a centralized repository of all your assets. While this process undoubtedly helps in the maintenance of your assets, it more importantly facilitates the preventive maintenance of high-value assets that are frequently required in any event or exhibition.

  • Better utilization of assets

A premium quality asset management system helps you keep a close tab on your assets and equipment. You are completely aware of where your assets are, who is using them, when they will be available, and what use they could be put to next, among other things. This helps avoid superfluous spending as you can put your existing assets to more efficient use.

The end goal of any asset management software is to relieve event organizers of time-consuming duties associated with events and exhibiting which can be automated so that they are free to concentrate on more important things. The software makes asset tracking incredibly easy and efficient and precludes the necessity of shipping or storing them between one event and the next in a haphazard or disorganized manner. The time and money thus saved could be more efficiently utilized on various other aspects of your events that could help you generate rapid ROI.

icon1 Asset Management Software

icon1’s advanced and highly customizable asset management software brings a new level of efficiency and success to your events, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences etc. The state-of-the art asset management portal helps save time on laborious tasks associated with events and exhibiting, thus giving you the freedom to focus your energies on managing critical resources, manpower, advertising, cash flows and of course, achieving a healthy return on your investment. Our asset management portal, which is designed to help you save time and improve your client asset management workflow, enhances visibility and efficiency by tracking all orders and inventories across multiple clients and warehouse locations. Our advanced asset system event-related information, stored at one centralized location, helps you comprehensively attain your objectives such as penetrating new markets, expanding your client base, garnering a good media coverage, and opening up new avenues of communication with your prospective customers.

With the icon1 Asset Management System, you can:

  • Obtain meaningful insights into value addition by various equipment
  • Maximize your equipment utilization and subsequently your return on investment by keeping a close track of inventory availability and location
  • Bring down the total cost associated with the event
  • Maintain accurate inventory on assets in-hand
  • Bring in more transparency and better collaboration with clients  
  • Easily implement best practices and processes 
  • Communicate show schedules and information
  • Maintain branding and messaging on the assets being used

With the icon1 Asset Management System, all orders are linked to events which you can track and manage at one location. Event details can be customized to match your workflows and specifications. Adequate information about equipment needs also prevents bad procurement decisions. Also, keeping a close tab on the maintenance and servicing requirements of different equipment enhances their life span and productivity. Its reporting capabilities with multiple filter options provides clear, real-time visibility and helps organizations keep track of event estimates versus actual costs. Easy-to-access reporting on spending by business units, event categories, exhibit properties, agencies etc. allows for world-class events with record-breaking visitor footfall.