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Friday, December 7th, 2018

How Asset Management Software Can Help in Organizing Successful Event

Organizing Successful Event

Organizing a corporate event is an immensely challenging task, and in order to deliver that unique, break-out experience it is essential to think on your feet. Arranging an event comes with its own set of complexities and event planners will tell you how tricky it can get at times.

We all know that planning and executing an event, conference, trade show, webinar etc. requires a lot of hard work and minute attention to detail. There are so many moving parts to an event that a slight misstep anywhere can derail the entire program.

The successful planning and execution of an event requires a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals who can work tirelessly to bring you exceptional experiences that integrate business promotion, networking and discussion forums. But regardless of how competent and committed the team is, there are certain issues that will always pose a challenge. Unanticipated incidents, unforeseen weather conditions, vendor issues, budget overspends, miscommunication etc. are some of the common issues which you need to be wary of.

Let us take a look at some of the more common challenges when it comes to event management and see how you can overcome them. We shall also delve into how a quality asset tracking software can help you pull off a spectacular event and support you in achieving all the aims and objectives of organizing the event in the first place.

  1. Budgeting

Both spending more than is required, and not having enough money or resources for making even the basic arrangements, are two of the most common problems faced by organizations and event planners. Most planners resort to the ‘spend as you go’ model which usually leads to a lot of complications later on. Lack of proper planning at the beginning often results in overspending and poor money management. That is why it is strictly recommended that you plan your event budget in advance. Make a list of all the important tasks and mention the amount each task is likely to take up. Create a spreadsheet of estimated costs and sit down with your team members to deliberate in detail the money that needs to be allocated to each undertaking.

  1. Venue selection

Choosing a venue that is in line with your needs, requirements and objectives is of paramount importance. It is often seen that organizations decide to opt for a location that is not compatible with its budget, or is better suited to a private party than a corporate event. The best way to overcome different types of venue-related challenges is to carry out an extensive research of different locations so that you can select a place that meets your needs and expectations, both financial and otherwise. Choosing a venue which adds value to your event can play a critical role in helping you achieve your event objectives while drastically reducing your expenses and event planning time.

  1. Unforeseen weather conditions

Unforeseen weather conditions can wreak havoc with your plans. While you many not find yourself equipped to deal with calamities such as hurricanes, tornados or powerful hailstorms, light showers, moderate snowfall and hot weather can be easily tackled with some advance planning and good supply management. For example, umbrellas and raincoats could come in handy if there is forecast of rain. Likewise, stocking up on ice-creams, juices, water bottles and sunglasses in anticipation of hot weather could win you a lot of appreciation from your guests.

  1. Crowd management

The prime objective of any event is to draw as many people as possible. But having a large number of attendees gathered at the same venue at the same time requires comprehensive crowd management tactics. In other words, you need adaptive solutions that can help you handle large crowds using tools such as signage throughout the entire event location. Also, you need to have at least a rough estimate of how many people are likely to attend the event. This could you help make advance preparations for the occasion.

 How a reliable asset management software can help

Whether it’s a webinar, event, trade show, concert, product launch or exhibition, you need to ensure that you have all possible support to help you redefine your brand and build your business by creating multiple dynamic platforms. While there is a plethora of software available in the market that efficiently takes care of various aspects related to event management such as ticketing or marketing, the market is also quite saturated with event equipment management systems. In the following paragraphs, we shall list out how a quality asset management software can help you pull off a spectacular event and make the occasion a grand success.

While there is no denying the fact that managing any event is a challenging task that entails countless uncertainties, a quality asset tracking software can streamline the entire process by providing a clear roadmap for you and your equipment vendors. Consolidation of all events, guest lists, exhibitors, and booth management records, among other things, at one place puts you in a strong position to track, manage and report on the materials being used, the cost associated with them, and ROI generated. A clear picture of every aspect of an asset’s utilization and efficiency allows the organizers to make optimum use of its resources. An asset management software also cuts down on communication time with different business units and vendors, speeding up the arrangements and boosting efficiency.

Asset management software from icon1 can help you maximize utilization and value of assets by aiding you in making informed and timely decisions. It offers complete peace of mind by helping users track all orders and inventory across multiple clients and warehouse locations. Highly customizable, icon1’s asset management software also allows you to showcase and repurpose your exhibit properties and assets and keep a close tab on all your resources. Call us regarding your queries about our premium quality asset management software and we will be happy to assist you.