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Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Icon1 offers Comprehensive Web Design and Development Services

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Whether it is large corporations with strong brands, or start-ups wishing to establish themselves in the market, it is imperative for businesses to have websites that clearly lay down their USP with regard to the products or services they offer. Customers, pressed for time and spoilt for choices, generally prefer to research the goods or services they need online from the comfort of their homes before stepping into a store. An efficient web design and development company can help your business by creating a website that is within your budget and aligned with your branding needs with a view to convincing customers who are visiting your website to give your offerings a serious consideration.

With numerous websites vying for a customer’s attention, they are unlikely to spend more than a few seconds on a single site. Good web design companies with skilled personnel understand this fact and ensure that your website does a good job of keeping the reader engaged so that they are persuaded to remain on the portal.

In this age of internet and smart phones, where people instantly turn towards search engines to find relevant information, it is imperative for an organization to have a strong online presence. Firms providing quality digital marketing services can help their clients maximize their revenue by offering search engine optimization (SEO), link building, and SERP ranking services.

An organization’s website is its door to the outside world. Existing or potential customers generally tend to visit company websites to find out more about their products and services. That is why organizations need to ensure that their website is high on visibility and garners a good search engine ranking. An aesthetically pleasing website with outstanding content and sharp graphics will count for little if major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not list it high enough on their results pages.

Good firms with rich experience in providing web design and development services can help your website enhance its search ranking by optimizing its design and utility parameters. Their expertise in SEO ensures that the link to your website appears on the first page of results of prominent search engines.

Importance of high search engine rankings

Increasing online visibility and consumer traffic, enhancing sales, and maximizing profit is the primary purpose of a website. Firms having specific experience in providing digital online solutions are well-equipped to chalk out online strategies that can greatly benefit various aspects of your business.

There are billions of websites on the World Wide Web and a simple query returns hundreds of thousands of results in a fraction of a second. Most people, however, hardly bother to go beyond the first two search results pages. A website that does not find a place in the top 20 results on a search engine is most likely to escape the attention of searchers and customers.

Search engine marketing is continuously evolving. This is understandable since major search engines constantly modify their search algorithms. Icon1 is a reputable digital marketing services provider that keeps abreast of the latest trends in digital marketing and has the ability to quickly respond to their clients’ needs.

A website is a key means of connecting a company with the outside world. A well-developed website with relevant content, high-quality graphics, and well-researched information is the first step to attracting traffic and adding to your bottom line. You can avail of convenient and affordable packages offered by leading web design companies to produce visually pleasing, professional, and credible business websites.

At the same time, the online competition is tough and you must do all you can to ensure that your website is successful in attracting search engine crawlers and hence drawing in your target audience. Organizations with experienced web design professionals, SEO experts, and talented content writers along with other specialists offer services that can help your website march well ahead of its competition in the race for online visibility.

A strong home page

With thousands of websites jostling for attention, customers are quick to switch between them. Despite relevant content on your home page, visitors may still spend no more than half a minute reviewing its contents. It therefore becomes imperative for a website to make a strong opening statement. A website needs to make its point from the get-go to entice the visitor to stay on the page.

Another critical factor is the download speed of your page. This too has to do with the short attention span of the visitor. Any website that takes more than 30 seconds to load is sure to meet with disapproval from an impatient reader.

To address this problem, website owners and developers need to check the performance of their portal on slow internet connections. If it is taking a long time to load, then removing some large size images or graphics might be a good idea. Professional and experienced web design and development firms provide excellent content, SEO support, and design control features for a fast, visually pleasing, and engaging website.

Why choose icon1

The term ‘web designing’ refers to the design, creation and maintenance of websites. It covers the entire gamut of activities ranging from graphic and interface design and codes, to SEO. Website designers deal with the color, texture, information architecture, graphics, balance, contrast etc. of a website keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the portal’s owners and the consumers it intends to target.

In order to stand out in the virtual world, a website needs to possess certain special features to keep a visitor engaged and engrossed in the content. Website designing needs careful consideration, thinking and planning. To develop a good website you need to hire professionals who are experts in programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, XML, CSS, HTML etc.; possess sound knowledge of SEO techniques and server management; and have sound design capabilities, a well-developed aesthetic sense, excellent writing skills, and sound marketing knowledge. 

At icon1, we can help you create a spectacular website that meets all your sales and branding objectives. We are a leading web design services provider helping clients create attractive, engaging, easy-to-navigate websites that are visually appealing and contain relevant information to draw and hold the attention of your customers. We bring diverse technical and creative professionals together to create a website that will fully meet the objective of enhancing your business goals.