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Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Quality Asset Management System Can Save Companies a Lot of Time and Money

Successful planning and execution of trade shows, exhibitions, events, conferences,webinars, etc. require tremendous amounts of time, money and other resources.The days preceding an event or conference are pretty chaotic. Holding large-scale business events like those mentioned above require the organizers to work diligently within the constraints of time and budget to produce the best possible event to help companies—regardless of industry and business function—achieve the given objectives and generate a healthy return on investment (ROI).

Events, conferences, webinars, etc. are of critical importance for modern organizations operating in a highly complex and globalized business environment as it offers them the opportunity to expand their reach and credibility by presenting them with an excellent platform to promote their business and build a positive image for the organization. Such events help corporations cultivate a sense of interest in their offerings among the wider public.

Holding a successful event or conference demonstrates the capacity of an organization to take proper care of peoples’ requirements, and demands a discerning eye for detail, a high level of integrity, good communication skills, and tons of creativity. Organizing an event is a complex process with so many moving parts that even the slightest of glitches anywhere can turn the entire show into a dud. After all, there are different vendors to contact, catering services to look into, venues to inspect, people to hire, equipment to rent, and a million different tasks to accomplish before the big day arrives.

To pull off an event which requires tremendous amounts of hard work, resources, patience and keen attention to detail requires a high level of planning and organizational skills. Tracking heterogeneous assets and their usage and purpose significantly lowers the overall cost, resources, and most importantly, the headache of executing a successful event. With increasing complexity and scale of events hosted by large organizations, an asset management system has become an absolute necessity to keep a close tab on and maintain tight control of its assets.

The highly advanced and customizable asset management system from icon1 can save organizations time, money, and a great deal of operational headache when it comes to planning and executing an event. A highly scalable and flexible software, it can help lower the cost of assets acquisition, enhance their productivity, and augment ROI of any event by managing all exhibit orders and client orders in one place. The icon1 premium quality asset management portal mitigates risk, reduces costs and improves ROI by helping you keep a close tab on assets utilization and productivity during the entire event. Right from planning, requisitioning and allocation to maintenance and relocation, our asset management system is a one-stop destination to find, collect and utilize information to streamline the planning, organization and deployment of assets in any large scale event, trade show or conference. With multiple integration capabilities, a dedicated support team and extensive experience of organizing hundreds of events annually, icon1’s asset management solution provides clarity and control over what you own, where they are positioned, and who is using them and in what way among other things.

In the following paragraphs, we shall look at some of the important features and benefits of the icon1 asset management system. We shall also see how large exhibit companies that are using the software integrate their clients into the system to manage the ordering, maintenance and logistics of assets whenever they have an event.

  1. Competitive pricing

Icon1’s affordable software lets you access all its advanced asset management capabilities for one price. This significantly brings down the total cost of organizing an event as it efficiently organizes all aspects of your facility and asset management needs without making a dent in your pocket. The money thus saved can be put to improving certain other aspects of the event which can help you organize events and trade shows of international standing.

  • Best-in-class training

Our job is not just to hand over the software to you and be done with it; our responsibility extends much beyond that as we provide training and customer support at all stages to ensure you are in a position to leverage all the advanced features and technologies of our system to help you organize world-class events and exhibitions that are benchmarks of excellence and creativity. One of the first steps in our road-mapping process is to work with event managers to identify the most useful modules of the fragmented systems that are currently in used. Icon1 seamlessly builds those capabilities into Event Express to deliver all of these solutions in one easy-to-use portal and program.

  • Detailed reporting

View detailed reports on what assets are being used to maximize your warehouse space, and keep track of event messaging. Stay aware of what has been delivered, who has delivered them, where they are being stored, who is using them, and what is their present condition among other things. Get all information related to your assets in one location for proper understanding and communication so that everyone is on the same page.

Some other important benefits of using the icon1 asset management solution are as follows:

  • Your sponsorships, conference benefits, features and event details are all available in one portal
  • Heightened transparency
  • Wholesome client experience
  • Accurate, organized information
  • Better, faster customer service
  • Higher ROI because assets are reused and properly maintained 
  • Better collaboration with your clients
  • Improved relationships with customers which can result in more sales, retention rates and loyalty
  • Helps maintain branding and messaging on assets being used
  • Customization and reporting

The icon1 asset management system provides a better way to cater to and manage your clients by organizing hugely successful events and conferences for them using industry-leading asset management software. A clear picture of every aspect of an asset’s utilization and efficiency allows event management companies to make efficient use of its resources and deliver world-class experiences to large organizations that hold trade shows, events, conferences, etc. all year round. Maximize your ROI by managing your sponsorship signups and deliverables, all in one comprehensive system, backed by our award-winning customer support services.