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Eclipse EIO, pioneers of Employee Investment Optimization, was created to help business owners get the most out of the time and money invested in their team. Eclipse EIO provides tools and insights that expose waste, increase efficiency and limit financial exposure.

Eclipse EIO was referred to icon1 and their vision was to create a Custom Cloud-Based HR Application. Eclipse EIO wanted to transition from the manual and fragmented way they were doing business to a consolidated, efficient way to house data, communicate with their clients and create a cloud platform for their clients to use.

In addition to this new Custom Cloud-Based Application, eclipse EIO also wanted to create and integrate an issue tracking system where requests and issues could be submitted by their clients that eclipse EIO would then address. The most pressing of challenges was that all of this was to be created within a limited budget.

509+ users
81+ companies
377+ safety inspections.
509+ users
81+ companies
377+ safety inspections.



Icon1’s first initiative was to educate themselves on what HR was and what services eclipse EIO provided. Once we were on the same page, icon1 mapped out all aspects of the system and assessed the requirements and needs for each of those sections. With mock-ups and specs completed and approved, the system was developed and rolled out in two phases. This custom application was created to be fluid and scalable to accommodate the growth and needs of eclipse EIO.

Phase one focused on capturing relevant data such as employee information, benefits, compliance, incident reports, HR information and developing an in-house attendance timeclock. With the initial look and feel of the application created, the onboarding process of the HR platform began.

Phase two included a revamp of the User Interface Design, along with a rework of the User Experience Design because eclipse EIO’s vision had changed throughout time. Additional application features were added to accommodate the growth and change of direction, with support from icon1 put in place for system maintenance, on-site training and user documentation to support eclipse EIO and their clients.



Eclipse EIO was able to organically onboard their employees and clients onto the cloud-based application with ease. It increased client retention, efficiencies and user engagement with the new platform and additional tools that were now available.

The ROI discovered throughout this use of the application was that it saved eclipse EIO time. Their clients were collectively kept in the loop with new forms and compliance, drew new clientele to them with the modern system they were using and the application created an opportunity for eclipse EIO to create additional revenue streams from their users.

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