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Wee Watch

The Challenge


Since 1984 Wee Watch has proven to be an exceptional and trusted child care organization. With over 30 years of home child care experience, Wee Watch has earned the reputation of a trustworthy, quality and licensed child care agency.

Wee Watch was referred to icon1 to help them create a Unified Portal that housed real-time, centralized data for their company and transition away from their fragmented and outdated system and methods.

Their current procedures relied heavily on each provider and agency installing a box access database on their personal computers to submit crucial data and compliance. With this piecemeal approach, all incoming data had to be consolidated which created delays and inefficiencies.

The Wee Watch management team required real-time data and compliance information in
one portal.
The Wee Watch management team required real-time data and compliance information in
one portal.


–Dr. Seuss

Icon1 spent time with Wee Watch stakeholders to discuss the issues they were encountering with their current systems and methods. Together we explored alternative solutions that would streamline their workflows, deliverables and communications with their child care providers and agencies.

The Wee Watch management team required real-time data and compliance information in one portal, rather than relying on their current piecemeal methods from their providers and time delays from time spent consolidating information.

Our team developed a cloud-based system for Wee Watch that only required an internet connection and web browser that their providers could access via a Wee Watch login. This new cloud-based system has an internal build of a consolidated database with one data source, it eliminated the need for providers and agencies to install software on their computers.

We also improved the user interface and user experience with customization's required by Wee Watch.


This exciting project is currently in progress...

Preliminary improvements observed from this project include lower administrative hours spent on consolidating information, reduced dependencies and greater awareness, transparency and control of crucial data.

By having one consolidated portal it keeps all the providers and agencies aligned and informed in real-time and allows Wee Watch oversight in what is happening in any given moment and ensures that all information is accurate and up-to-date.

With the newly developed cloud-based login to Wee Watch, it provides greater security for who logs into the system and what they are accessing via different permission-based accesses.

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