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Friday, December 7th, 2018

Pull off the Perfect Event with an Asset Management Software

Perfect Event with an Asset Management Software

Event management comes with its own set of unique challenges and complexities. The event management industry is a stressful and multi-faceted industry where you need to work tremendously hard to ensure that the event achieves its desired objectives. Impeccable planning and execution of an event is not the easiest of tasks by any stretch of imagination. There are so many moving parts to an event and even the slightest negligence or misjudgment can derail it. A discerning eye for detail along with high levels of creativity and a desire for excellence is imperative for making any event successful. Irrespective of whether you are planning a trade show, webinar, conference, event, exhibition or concert, you will need help from various quarters to ensure that the event serves as a catalyst for the growth and development of your organization.

Events, exhibitions and conferences are important as they allow businesses to enter new markets, acquire new stakeholders, expand their client base and open new avenues of communication with their present and potential customers. This fact is well understood by modern organizations and is reflected in a healthy annual growth rate of close to 9 per cent for the event market. It is also estimated that the annual market will be worth more than US$9 billion by 2020.

While there are quite a few quality software available in the market that help with various aspects of event management such as registration, ticketing, marketing, etc., an area that unfortunately lies neglected is equipment management. In this blog, we shall discuss how a premium quality, customizable asset management software can help you pull off an excellent event with record-breaking visitor footfall.


While thorough planning is critical for the success of any event, there is no way to be sure that things will work out according to plan. As mentioned above, event management is an unpredictable industry and herein lies the importance of a top-of-the-line asset tracking software. A quality equipment tracking software provides a clear roadmap for the organizers as well as equipment vendors. The beauty of an asset tracking software lies in the fact that it helps you plan for any eventuality as far as your equipment, furniture and other assets are concerned.

Success, or, for that matter, failure of any event hinges to a significant extent on one basic factor—information. An asset management software proves to be invaluable in such circumstances as it provides all relevant data with respect to equipment and furniture items you need for your event. With an asset tracking software, you have access to all the information related to where your equipment is, what use they are being put to and when they will be available among other things. All such information is extremely useful for event managers as it aids them in making decisions with confidence as they know they have solid data to back it all up.

While event professionals are being asked to do more, they’re often not getting the resources they need to improve their processes in any genuine way. In fact, lack of data, data analysis, and an inability to track key metrics are the biggest challenges facing event planners, especially when it comes to measuring the ROI of an event. This problem, however, can be easily solved with the help of a premium quality asset management system. Meaningful insights offered by the software can help you conveniently assess the value added by various equipment and identify which equipment are not being fully utilized and proving to be a mere drag on your resources. These features help you maximize your equipment utilization and subsequently your ROI.

Make your money count

Like all other businesses, event managers too are concerned about lowering costs. However, logistics can make a severe dent on their aspirations. It is no secret that more than 60% of event managers fail to secure a budget for procuring event technology tools. This is rather unfortunate as tools like asset management software can help you put your money to optimal use.

Asset tracking software help lower costs and augment productivity to a considerable extent. Statistics show that a premium quality asset management system can increase event attendance by 20%, productivity by more than 25% and reduce overall cost by as much as 23%. There are a multitude of ways in which this can be made possible. For instance, assigning custodianship bolsters responsibility, which ensures that few or no items are lost or misplaced.

A quality asset management tool also allows for efficient management of inventory which brings down costs to a considerable extent. Adequate information about equipment needs also prevents bad procurement decisions. Also, keeping a close tab on the maintenance and servicing requirements of different equipment enhances their life span and productivity.

The Asset Management System from icon1 allows you to manage exhibit assets and client orders at one place. A clear picture of every aspect of an asset’s utilization and efficiency allows the organizers to make optimum use of resources. An asset management software also cuts down on communication time with different business units and vendors, speeding up the arrangements and boosting efficiency. The top-of-the-line Asset Management Software developed by icon1 allows you to track all orders and inventory across multiple clients and warehouse locations with its Asset Management Portal designed to help you save time and improve your workflow.

The software allows for multi-status workflow which ensures that you can set up programs to track exhibit orders, event asset collaboration, inventory, multi-warehouse shipping, and inventory quality. Its advanced event tracking and management system aids you in tracking and managing all orders in one location. Event details can be customized to match your workflow and specifications.

Highly customizable, icon1’s asset management software also allows you to showcase and repurpose your exhibit properties and assets and keep a close tab on all your resources. Call us regarding your queries about our premium quality asset management software and we will be happy to assist you.